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About Us

The Department of Computer Science and Applications prepares its students to become software professionals. It equips them with basic knowledge and skills in computing and application development. In order to make the students skilled in programming, PSP ( Personal Software Process ) is adhered.

Students@IT is an association of students with a faculty member as President and elected students as office bearers. The association organizes weekly seminars, group discussions and programming events to enhance the technical knowledge of students through peer learning .

BOS.CON is an inter-collegiate event of Students@IT Association since 2004. When the students of BIIT took part in various IT Fests in neighboring colleges and won laurels, BOS.CON was initiated as an activity of Students@IT. Following a well defined process accumulated through years of experience, BOS.CON emerges today as a robust platform for student - based on learning activities.

The finance for this event is completed mobilized by the students from alumni and well - wishers of the College. Separate committees are set up to address various aspects of the programme . Nearly 20 colleges participate in this annual event . While it is organized mostly by final year students, the second year students involve to learn from their seniors and to carry on the baton . This event brings about a certain level of connectivity among the neighboring colleges and industries.


Time Event
(Venue: Jubilee Hall)
09:00 AM Registration
09:30 AM Inauguration
10:30 AM Tea Break
11:20 AM Paper Presentation
11:15 AM Wobbling Minds
12:15 AM Connexion
01:15 PM Lunch
02:15 PM Venture Capital
03:30 PM Pearl of BOS’CON
04:00 PM Valedictory
Time Event
(Venue: GCC-Lab A)
10:45 AM Wobbling Minds
10:55 AM Connexion
(Venue: GCC Lab B)
11:15 AM Venture Capital
Time Event
(Venue: Jubilee Hall)
11:15 AM Wobbling Minds
11:45 AM Virtual Dreams
12:15 AM Connexion
02:15 PM Venture Capital
03:30 PM Pearl of BOS’CON
Time Event
(Venue: Conference Hall)
11:20 AM Paper Presentation
(Venue: BCA)
11:00 AM Musi-Tech & Meme Mafia
(Venue: GCC Lab )
11:15 AM Animatronix
11:30 AM Code Blaster
12:00 PM Virtual Dreams


  1. Registration fee is Rs.200 per head.
  2. Each Department can have one Team (UG only).
  3. If the college is shift-wise, it can have four teams (E.g. BCA Shift I, II & B.Sc. Shift I, II)
  4. One participant can participate in two Events (Excluding Venture Capital).
  5. Participants are asked to bring their Student ID card and Bonafide Certificate from the college.
  6. Presentation for all the events should be in English.
  7. For any query and clarification you have to approach only the president.
  8. Total number of participants for a team: 16.
  9. Evaluators’ decisions will be the final.
  10. Please register your team with Participant details through the Web portal:
  11. Fill up the Registration form attached in this letter and submit the same in the reception desk on the day of the event



Association President

Department of Computer Applications



Association President

Department of Computer Science



Association Secretary

Department of Computer Applications



Association Secretary

Department of Computer Applications



Association Secretary

Department of Computer Applications


Association Secretary

Department of Computer Applications


Association Secretary

Department of Computer Science



Association Secretary

Department of Computer Science


S.No Event Name Staff Incharge Student Incharge(CA) Student Incharge(CS)
1 Paper Presentation JC / IR Angelin Jenifer Thirumalaivasan
2 Code Blaster JB / GD AkashAntonyRaj Shalini
3 Web Design(Virtual Dreams) Malik / GD Syed Faheem Noyal
4 Quiz (Wobbling minds) SG / NK Maria Stalin Raj Keerthika
5 Connexion NV / IM Jerry Vishva Levin Jose
6 Ad-Zap (Venture Capital) JE / AM Vinitha Santhosh Kumar
7 Pearl of Boscon ( Individual)- Stress Interview JB / RK Arun Kumar Rexi Periyanagi
8 Animatronix SM / VG Mohammed Tauheed GunaliFrancis
9 Musi-Tech MV Shreenaya Noyal Francis
10 Meme Mafia BK / PV Sofiyacatherine Karthick
S.No Committe Name Staff Names Student(CA) Student(CS)
1 Fund Raising Mr. John Benetic, Miss. Vasantharani Podhigai Selvan Immanuvel, Nivas
2 Reception & Registration Miss. JayaShree , Miss. Poovarasi Henry Abisheck Raj, Santhosh Arokia Jeni , Harini
3 Master of Ceremony Mrs. Jayamary, Miss. Angel Mary Arun Kumar , Angelin Mistica George Bush,Rexi Periyanayagi
4 Brouchure & Advertisment,MM & Sovenir Dr. Dhamodran Joshva Antony Balaji , Boojith Kumar
5 Stage & Seating Mr. Shinoj Robert, Mr. Naveen Samson Felix Raj , Nishanth
6 Hospitality SanjayKumar , Reymon Briito
7 Finance / Accounts Mr. John Benetic, Miss. Vasantharani Podhigai Selvan Sherin
8 Documentation Mr. Irfan,Miss. Angel Mary
9 Purchase Mr. John Benetic, Mr. Naveen Kumar Syed Faheem Thanigaiazhagan , RoshanMethew
10 Prize Distribution Mr. Baskar , Mr. Immanuvel,Dr. Naveen Roshini Harini , Tharani
11 Certificate Miss. Shyamala ,Miss. Jayashree ,Dr. Manivannan ,Miss. Poovarasi Helan PriyaDharisini SalethMary , Jothika
12 Invitation Distribution Mr. John Benetic Udhaya Kumar , Stephen

Paper Presentation

  • The participants should present their paper in one of the given topics.
  • A team can have 2 participants.
  • Participants should submit the abstract of the paper as a softcopy to on or before 1th Sept 2023.
  • The abstract should include the participant details, College name, Email-Id, and Contact Number.
  • A delegated team of BOS.CON’24 will scrutinize the abstracts and the selected papers will be intimated through mail on 4th Sept 2023.
  • The soft copy of your presentation should be sent to the above mentioned mail ID on or before 6th September 2023.(submission of presentation will not be accepted on the day of the Event)
  • Participants must submit one hardcopy of your Presentation (PPT File) at the Reception/ Registration Help Desk on 8th September 2023.
  • Evaluator’s decision will be final.
  • The topics should be selected from the list below:
    1. IoT & its Technologies
    2. Mobile/Cyber/Network security
    3. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
    4. Ethical Hacking
    5. Blockchain Technology
    6. Data Science & Data Analytics
    7. Semantic Web
    8. MANET(Mobile ad hoc Network)
    9. Artificial Intelligence
    10. Automation with RPA

Code Blaster

Locating and fixing or by-passing bugs in the right time.


  • One Member from each team will be allowed to participate.
  • Linux or windows platforms will be provided.
  • 2 programs will be given from C, C++ and JAVA languages.
  • Question 1 - Debugging, Question 2 - Write a program.
  • Time Duration is 30 minutes.
  • Evaluator’s decision will be final.

Virtual Dreams

  • Design an innovative website with an attractive look through your creativity.

  • Final:
    1. A team can have two Participants.
    2. Time Duration is 45 Minutes
    3. The participants can use Dreamweaver, Subline Text Editor & Notepad to design the pages (Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP).
    4. The website should have a minimum of four pages.
    5. According to the theme the images and content will be provided.
    6. Evaluator’s decision will be final.

Wobbling Minds

It is a form of technical or mind spot in which the participants attempt to answer the technical questions.


  • Only One can participate from a team.
  • Prelims will be conducted online. The user id and password will be given
  • Questions will be based on information technology and basics of computers.
  • Time Duration is 10 Minutes.


  • A team can have two members.
  • The events consist of 4 on-stage rounds (4 normal rounds, 1 Rapid fire).
  • Based on their points. The teams will be eliminated from each round.
  • Four teams will be selected for the 4th rounds
  • Communication should be in English.
  • Partial answers will not carry any points.
  • Evaluator’s decision will be final.


  • Bring out your creativity through animation

    1. Two participants from each team can participate.
    2. The animation should be based on BOS.CON’24 (Theme: ENIAC to METAVERSE EVOLUTION)
    3. Participants should use tools like Flash, Animate cc, DreamWeaver and Moho (Anime studio) to make their animation. Participants have to do it on the day of the event.
    4. Above mentioned softwares will be installed and will be available for the participants, on the day of the event.
    5. The animation can be of only text, music and images.
    6. The content should be in English.
    7. The animation should not be embedded with a human voice.
    8. Time duration is 30 minutes.
    9. The selected animation will be displayed and finalized on the stage.
    10. Animations downloaded from internet source like YouTube and other social media are not allowed and if found, it will lead to disqualification.
    11. No Gadgets (Pen Drive, Hard Disk, Laptop, ….etc.,) are allowed.
    12. Evaluator’s decision will be final.


  • Find the hidden word by linking a set of pictures

  • Prelims:
    1. One participant can participate from a team.
    2. Questions will be based on company-CEO, Founder, Database, C, C++, Java, .Net and Recent Trends in IT.
    3. Prelims will be conducted online
    4. Time duration is 10 minutes.
    1. Onstage Event.
    2. Two Participants from a team can participate.
    3. Four rounds will be conducted with Audio & Visuals.
    4. Rules will be announced specifically for each round.
    5. Questions will be based on IT.
    6. After the second round two teams will be eliminated based on their marks scored.
    7. Evaluator’s decision will be final.

Venture Capital

A Domain will be given. Participants should come with a product that could be used in the domain.


  • Two participants from each team.
  • Topics will be based on current technologies, e-commerce, social media and computer-based.
  • Electronic gadgets are not allowed.
  • Time duration is 10 minutes.


  • Final would be conducted on stage.
  • Number of participants for each team is 6 (2 finalists plus 4 from the team).
  • The participants need to bring all the materials required for prelims (Chart and other stationery things).
  • The participants need to bring all the materials required for prelims (Chart and other stationery things).
  • The participants need to express their innovative ideas by drawing and writing in a chart based on the domain given.
  • Marks will be based on the creativity, content and design.
  • Time duration is 6 minutes. 4 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for queries.
  • Evaluator’s decision will be final.
  • English is the only preferred language. Using other Vernacular languages will not be encouraged.
  • Any form of obscenity and profanity verbally or non- verbally will immediately lead the team to disqualification.
  • The content should not contain any derogatory or harmful remarks towards the government or the institution.

Musi Tech

Participants can come prepared for a song with Technology & Technical Terms.


  • No prelims for this event.
  • Two participants from each team can participate.
  • opics can be Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Quantum Computing, Current technologies & Social media.
  • Lyrics should be own
  • Karaoke can be played.
  • The participants must present(or) perform their MUSI - TECH content on the day of the event.
  • Time duration is 5 minutes (Maximum).
  • The judge's decision is final.


  • Participants can come prepared with a meme with Technology & Technical Terms.

  • Final:
    1. One participant from each team.
    2. Topics can be current technologies, e-commerce, social media, and computer-based.
    3. Meme should be submitted at the time of registration.
    4. One Image Meme and another one a simple clip(Video - Time duration is 2 minutes).

Pearl Of BOS.CON'24

One highest scorer of top three high scoring teams will be selected for this event.


  • Individual Championship Trophy.
  • One highest scorer of top three high scoring teams will be selected for this event.
  • Onstage Event.


Please Register your whole Team Here.
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